treatment of deafness - Friends, we clean our body while bathing daily, but there are some parts of our body that are very difficult to clean for us. Small parts of the body like ears, it is very difficult to clean them. Many people have become years old after cleaning the ears. Let us tell you that if you do not clean your ear, treatment of deafness then you have to face different kinds of problems.Dry cleaning of the ear can also invite a big diseasetreatment of deafness. 

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treatment of deafness - treatment of deafness,read causes-solutions.

treatment of deafness Are you hear less so read Treatment of deafness.In the absence of ear cleansing, the filth stays in and the problem of most ear pain is. This also threatens ear infections in our ears, and due to the accumulation of more dirt, sometimes it feels unbearable pain and we also have difficulty hearing. If you have pain in the ear too and you have not cleared your ears for a long time, then today we are going to tell you 5 very easy home remedies for cleaning the ears treatment of deafness. 

Here is the solution.

treatment of deafness- With the help of baby oil, you can also clean the dirt of your ear very easily. First of all you need to put some drops of baby oil into ear and apply cotton. This will soften the ear wax in your ears just for a while and this will easily come out of the Wax treatment of deafness. 

treatment of deafness- In another way, you need to take half a cup of hot water and mix a small spoon of salt in it. Then soak the piece of cotton in it and squeeze the water in it to the squeeze in the ear. But remember that the water should go well in the water. After that turn off the ear and remove all the water from it treatment of deafness. 

treatment of deafness- Take some drops of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal quantity and put it in the ear. When it goes well in the ear, then after turning it off, turn the ear so that the water comes out. But keep in mind that the quantity of hydrogen paraoxide should not be more than 3 percent and the water should also be in equal quantity. The use of this ear is very easy to

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