"De De Pyaar De"-Ajay Devgan, Rakul Preet Singh and Tabu's movie "De De Pyaar De" have made a huge amount on the first day. The film has collected around 10 million on the first day. According to one, Ajay's film has not made any special earnings on the first day.

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"De De Pyaar De"-Actually, Ajay Devgan's last film, Total Dhamal, had a turnover of 16.5 million rupees on the first day. But Ajay's film has made a collection of 10 million 41 lakh rupees on the first day only. Let's talk about the film's budget, the budget of this movie is being told around Rs 45 crore. The film has been released on 3750 screens worldwide.

"De De Pyaar De"-Although the film has started poorly, but the film can get a chance to earn good on Saturdays and Sundays. 'De De Pyaar De' is the story of a man who is himself fifty years old and he falls in love with a girl of twenty-six years. This story is fifty-year-old Ashish i.e. Ajay Devgan, who is loved by twenty-six-year-old Ayesha, meaning Rakul. Both meet in London and decide to get married. But this makes Ajay's ex-wife, children and other family members angry. 

"De De Pyaar De"-  Ashish returns to his hometown to meet his family, where his daughter is getting married.

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"De De Pyaar De"-

The first half of the film focuses on the relationship of Ajay and Rakul Preet. Both chemistry of the film looks good. The sequels of Ajay Devgan and Javed Jaffrey are quite funny. This film is made in the production of Love Ranjan. His last film was "Sonu Ki Titu ki Sweetie" which earned more than 100 crores at the box office. Earlier, his pyar ka Panchnama series of films also liked the audience. Akevi Ali has directed the film.

"De De Pyaar De"-if you want to see the superb comedy of Ajay Devgan and Javed Jafri, then you can watch this movie. In the film you will also see Rakul Prit Singh's boldness.

Jagjit Singh had sung, 'There is no limit to age, no bondage of birth, when someone loves, only mind' see. How fair! Sayings also say that Age is only a number Love can happen to anyone, even from anyone. And sometimes the Age Gap between those who love, can be as big as the Generation Gap. Keeping this theme in the center, Prem Ranjan, who has made 'Pyaar Ka Panchanama', has made the film "De De Pyaar De", which is directed by Akiv Ali. How is it made, let's know.

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"De De Pyaar De"

Which turn of love brought us back.

There is a man fifty years old. Ashish. Lives in London. Childbearing But Separated She has fallen in love with Ayesha. Ayesha is 26 years old. There is the daughter of such a huge blessing. Ashish has come to India with Ayesha. Take permission from your family. Here are frustrated daughters, non-serious children, strange parents and charming ex-wife. Ashish had come to think that I would get Ayesha the most, I would like all of them, then I will get married. But life is so simple! From the beginning, Ashish's control is lost on the secrecy and then it remains confusing. What is the end? Well, you will also predict, but what is the benefit of that oblivious end? No. Is funny No.

Tabu is the most impressed in all three.

Hindi cinema has tried out hands in love stories with Age Gap. Whether there is a light-hearted film like 'Chinese less', or 'Dil Chahta Hai', Akshay-Dimple's Sanjida track in. This topic is not new for Bollywood. 'De de love give' tries to give this subject a lovely and harmonious treatment at the same time and can not do anything in the manner. There are many flaws, including bad editing, which have not even hidden the stellar starcast.
Non-edited scripts

It is said that the films are made on the editing table. We will add to it that we do not know how to create but deteriorating on the editing table. This film also becomes an enemy of its own length due to its length. Irini, that director Aakiv Ali has been a well-known editor. But at the time of his film, he probably sent his original talent to the holiday. The film can be played at least 45 minutes and the film will remain the same.

In the name of comedy, there are as many good punches in the film, as shown in the trailer. At the same time, the situation of laughing is also made, then at that time the film starts walking on the border line of being a vulgar. Suppose relationships are complicated but not so superficial as the film shows. Some senses seem so awkward. Which wife binds her husband to Rakhi and makes her brother? More scripts in the script In the opening sequence, the film that spawned Missogany appears to be endorsing Missouri in several scenes. In the end, a dialogue spoken by Alok Nath is so dirty.

The character of Aloknath is out of the understanding.

What's good then!

So the question is, what is good in the film then? One is half-an-hour before the climax. It seems that the writer was at the time most serious about his work. Still acting in Tabu, it is difficult to keep an eye on the rest of the screen. Ajay looks a bit misfit. Especially in the emotional sense. The appeal of Rakul Preet Singh is imprecise. She looks full of freshness, but her character is half-baked. The one who is competent against One Night Stand, does the same with his temperament in the end. This is not their lack of writing. Jimmy Shergill is the artist who has five minutes of screen time, so keep the screen on the fire. This guy should be in every second movie.

"De De Pyaar De"-There are two songs cache in the Music Department. Two-three scenes of comedy are good. And shooting locations are fantastic. There is nothing like this that can not be waiting for TV or online release in the movie. The rest of Ajay's die hard fan can go.ReadMore