5 Useful Beauty Gadgets for Manicure at Home.

Gadgets Manicure at Home- Modern beauty gadgets greatly simplify our lives. Whether they are facial, scalp or hair care devices, they help us arrange a salon right at home and get the necessary procedure, saving time and money. If you cover your nails with gel polish and prefer to do manicure and pedicure at home, pay attention to these nail gadgets.

Gadgets - Gel polish drying lamp led lamp for drying nails.

Today, many girls who prefer a Shellac coated manicure or any other gel polish do the procedure on their own at home. Her mission is to quickly and qualitatively dry the varnish so that you can immediately proceed to other matters. Having such a lamp at home, you will significantly save on the salon service.

Pay attention to modern LED lamps, which, unlike UV, dry nails much faster. There are also good options for hybrids UH and LED-lamps. Choose a device with a minimum width of 10 cm so that the device is perfect for both hands and feet. As a rule, such a lamp is equipped with several buttons-timers at once, but in order to dry the top layer well, it takes 30 seconds instead of 1 minute. Below is our collection will be another gadget that also perfectly cope with the task of fast-drying nails.

Manual mill for a manicure.

A portable pen mill for nail correction will simplify the procedure for preparing nails for applying nail polish and conducting a high-quality and safe procedure for hardware manicure and pedicure. The advantage of such a beauty assistant is that thanks to the different nozzles in the kit, it allows you to clean the nail arch, process the cuticle and side bolsters, as well as clean rough skin on the legs. It can also be used before going to the salon to reduce the duration of the procedure and reduce the burden on the master.

The holder for a bottle with a varnish.

Such interesting gadgets belong to the category of useful finds and super life hacks to save time and your own nerves :) A small and distant device in the form of a silicone ring will firmly hold the jar at a convenient angle, not allowing the bottle to fall, and the varnish to drain.

Just fasten the holder on your fingers and enjoy the process of a manicure!

Mini nail dryerLe Mini Macaron

This miniature LED drying in the form of a sweet macaron from the Le Mini Macaron gel manicure kit is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all existing lamps :) The device is designed to dry one nail at a time, so it is convenient to use it in emergency cases when you need to immediately fix one or several "emergency" nails. Just 30 seconds - and the manicure is as good as new!
Gadgets Le Mini Macaron. 

The folding top on the magnetic clasp also allows you to do a pedicure, and thanks to the super-portable size, the gadget can be safely taken with you even on trips.

Electric file for a pedicure.

In the summer, during open shoes and bare feet, it is especially important to monitor the condition of your heels. So that they are always perfectly smooth, soft and well-groomed, it is not at all necessary to regularly go to the salon for a pedicure or rub pumice at their homes.

Simplify your life with an electric roller file - a tool with a rotating roller quickly, efficiently and carefully remove coarse skin from the foot. And you do not need to expend efforts to “rub” your feet to shine - this baby will do everything for you.

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