Kabir Singh Movie Review Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani play an important role in the film.Kabir Singh Movie Review Befria love, love lovers who are sacrificed in love and lovers who are devastated in love. Bollywood has shown us many such forms of love from time to time Kabir Singh Movie Review .

Kabir Singh HD Movie AND Kabir Singh Movie Review 2019,
Kabir Singh :-This formula is also seen in all the hit films of Bollywood. The backbone of commercial films is love. But Kabir Singh, coming in all these categories, goes out of all this with very cleanliness.

Kabir Singh:-Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor), who is absolutely unconventionally loving, by Mahbooba Preity of his college life does not ever ask his girlfriend Preeti (Kisra Advani) whether she loves him or not. She just starts loving her at first sight and when Preeti also falls in love with her, she does not know herself. 

But things get worse when Preeti's father refuses to marry and makes her married to anyone else. It starts from here, Kabir Singh's journey in which he starts destroying himself.

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Kabir Singh HD Movie AND Kabir Singh Movie Review 2019,

Kabir Singh:- The direction of puberty leads to illusion, the lack of proper assessment of the situation, and the strong feeling of losing everything, puts Kabir on the path of decline, from where Kabir's return becomes almost impossible. Kabir lost Kabir is a great surgeon. Never got this failure in this work. But after an incident, Kabir also gets rid of that work and after this, what has happened in his life has been weighed up on this fable? Kabir Singh?

Kabir Singh:-Perhaps the story may sound like you, but the way Sandeep Reddy Wanga, the director, has brought out the way to say this story is absolutely unique. Sandeep was trapped in every frame of the film. Telling the story of a hero who lacks heroism, but you also love him, it is very difficult to present it, which Sandeep has done well.

Kabir Singh:- Sandeep has used all the craft of the film with great beauty, whether it is screenplay or cinematography, background score or song, Sandeep has used it all as a character to take the film to a different level.

Kabir Singh:-Talking about acting, Shahid Kapoor once again proved proving how difficult the role is and why he takes it for himself. From a college student filled with life, knowing everything, an unusual surgeon, wasting his own life. Shahid has done all these colors beautifully with it. Kia Advani's character is a little weak in my understanding. There is no reason why he is so helpless in front of Kabir and there is no reason in the logic film anywhere. But even then Kira survived Preeti. 

Kabir Singh:-Apart from this, artists such as Legendary Actor Kamini Kaushal, Suresh Oberoi have made their strong presence. It would have been nice if Arjan Bajwa was given some more scenes.

Kabir Singh:- The most notable performance was Kabir Singh's friend (Soham Majumdar), who proved in every scene that he is an excellent actor. It's not that everything is good-good. The length of the movie is too much that can break you. Until the interval, innocence of heroin may also be stupid. It is said that any artwork is not perfect, it is also imperative to have some evil with good people. Kabir Singh is a separate film, with all the love stories that you know about but you have not seen it so far Obviously it will entertain you.

Artists- Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Soham Majumdar, Kamini Kaushal, Suresh Oberoi.

Director - Sandeep Vanga

Stars - 3.50 out of 5 (three and a half) stars READ MORE