Nita Ambani And Mukesh Ambani Love Story.

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Mukesh Ambani is the biggest businessman in the country. His lifestyle is also highly appreciated. Well everyone knows about Mukesh Ambani. But very few people know about their love story. So today we tell you in this post about Mukesh Ambani and Love Story of Nita Ambani-

First of all, tell me that Mukesh Ambani had first seen Nita Ambani during a dance show. Mukesh Ambani had fallen in love with Nita after seeing it for the first time. In Nita's love, Mukesh became so crazy that he had received Neeta's phone number within a few days with the help of his friend. After this, he called Nita. But Nita had her phone cut in the fur.

Once the phone was cut, Mukesh Ambani again called Nita. This time, Mukesh said to Neeta, "I am speaking Mukesh Ambani, then Nita's answer was that if she is Mukesh Ambani, then she is Elizabeth." By saying the matter, Nita then disconnected the phone. After this Mukesh phoned again. When Mukesh phoned for the third time, Neeta's father picked up the phone. He talked to Nita's father again. After this, his father from Nita said that in fact, the phone of Mukesh Ambani had come.

In this way, Neeta too started talking to Mukesh slowly. After this, the two started dating each other. Mukesh used to take Neeta from the car to meet Neeta. On one of Neeta's words, Mukesh also traveled on the bus.

After some time both of them got married. Let's say that Eight years after the marriage, Nita Ambani was a mother.

Nita Ambani loves his children very much. Prefer Nita Ambani's luxury lifestyle. They drink tea in a cup of three lakh rupees. While the cost of their dress is crores rupees.  Read more