7 fascinating detective stories that won't make you just guess.

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7 fascinating detective stories 2019

If you like to bust your head in the evening on mysterious crimes, then read our article and select the movies with which you can

The Life of David Gayle (2002)
Life of David Gaina.

Journalist Bitsy Bloom interviews David Gayle, a professor and staunch opponent of capital punishment. He was convicted of killing activist Constance Harravi and will be executed in 3 days. As she communicates, the journalist realizes that this person is innocent and that this person's life is being saved in her hands. To free David, he must dive deep into the events connected with Constance's death.

The film is not only attractive and will not let you tear the screen to go into the kitchen for an extra portion of popcorn, but also much deeper. He will not only surprise you with unexpected surprises but will also touch you for a quick one.

And if you have already studied all the movies in this collection, then look at other pictures in our subject that are worth seeing.

7 fascinating detective stories 2019

Trance (2013)
Detective film

Simon, an auction house worker, decides to steal a picture with a gang of scammers. He hides it, and now, when the thought has already burned, he heads up and loses his memory. Only he knows where he hid this treasure, so the bandits are ready for any solution to get Parvada out of it. They employ a hypnotized person who will attempt to reclaim Simon's memory. A very interesting detective who will constantly change your perspective towards the plot and characters!

Bye Baby, Bye (2007)
Interesting detective

Want to see Ben Affleck in the director's chair, not on screen? A 4-year-old girl was kidnapped in a suburb of Boston. All the wires go nowhere and the police cannot find him. In desperation, the aunt turns to two private detectives who agree, despite the risk of not only working but also life. Throughout the film, an exciting detective intrigue turns into a serious socio-psychological drama that will not only surprise you with the ending but also make you feel tough.

Fatal Number 23 (2007)
Fatal number 23

And this is a very masterpiece that will make you change your approach to Jim Carrey, henceforth he is a serious and experienced actor, not in funny comedy.

For his birthday, Walter Sparrow receives a book from his wife, but who would have thought that this innocent gift would turn into a tragedy for the hero. The novel is about a hero who is similar to Walter himself and the events are similar to him. Like you read the Sparrow, like the book's protagonist, imbued with the number 23 spell and makes sure that he, too, is destined to commit a brutal murder.

Detainee (2013)

Keller Dover is desperate - her 6-year-old daughter and her friend are missing. The only clue is the van parked on the street while they were playing. The police arrested the driver, but let him go for lack of evidence. The distraught father checks into his hands, and they can take him too far ... a tense picture of the insanity of a small town with many characters, and skeletons still pouring.

Before I Fall Asleep (2013)
before I fall asleep

Every morning, the main character, who was perfectly played by Nicole Kidman, wakes up in a strange bed in a strange house and next to a stranger. And all because she suffers from a rare form of amnesia when every day she wakes up forgetting absolutely everything about the last twenty years of her life. A caring husband and a psychotherapist help her keep in touch with reality, and also a camera on which the heroine writes a message for herself tomorrow night. But what led her to this? The heroine also decides to figure it out ...

Fracture (2007)
unusual detective films

And this is a detective story in which the killer is known at the very beginning ... or not? Before moving on to another job, the assistant prosecutor (Ryan Gosling) decides to complete one nonsense case. The man shot his wife in the head and now Willy will quickly put him in jail. But here is one small mistake and prove the guilt of her husband (Anthony Hopkins) becomes impossible. Can an assistant prosecutor achieve a fair sentence? He must because his entire career is at stake. Read more