Feminine English: 7 creative and boring approaches to learn a language. For a long time you want to learn English, but there is no desire to attend tedious courses? Learn with pleasure! We know at least 7 creative and 100% feminine ways to learn English.

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100% feminine ways to learn English.. 

A modern girl is constantly improving her knowledge in all areas, from current fashion trends to the latest trends in the professional industry. And, of course, without English, one cannot become successful right now! How to learn English easily and with pleasure? Reply Tutor Search Platform Specialist Julia Boyun told me how to learn English if you don’t want to attend boring language courses.

how to learn English. 

Now, without knowledge of a foreign language, there is no way at all: it is uncomfortable to travel the world, it is almost impossible to find a well-paid job. Since English has become an international language of communication, today it is this language that is an almost indispensable part of life. However, not everyone is easily given standard, sometimes even outdated methods.

We have collected the top of the most interesting and unusual ways that will make learning English enjoyable and interesting. And most importantly: you can learn English without breaking away from your favorite activities.


In everyone’s favorite social network there is the opportunity not only to post nice photos and like, but also to subscribe to accounts that will help to significantly increase vocabulary and even correct pronunciation in English. To get started, I advise you to sign up for @ idiom. land, @happyenglishny, @betterenglish. Over time, you will find those that will appeal to you.

Short posts and simple videos are well received and positively influence the assimilation of information. Remembering the meaning of new words or expressions is easy. It is also worth noting that thanks to this resource you can learn a lot of different idioms and phrases that are relevant for modern spoken English. A great way to learn English if you are an Insta-girl!

Favorite TV shows. 

This is perhaps one of the most attractive methods to succeed in spoken English. You will combine business with pleasure: you will learn what will happen in the next episode of an exciting television show, and at the same time learn new words that you can apply in the future. You can search for series in the original voice acting, for example, at Your Cinema or English Films.

The best series for learning English.

After a couple of complete “immersions” in the atmosphere of the English-language series, it will be much easier for you to perceive speech by ear, you will begin to memorize a certain slang and vocabulary. Of course, the first episodes should be watched with English subtitles, gradually switching to an exclusively original soundtrack, without any text prompts. There are at least 5 of the best series in the original for girls that will help you learn English on your own.


The next fun way to learn English is through Tinder. The application can be used not only as a platform for dating but also as an affordable tool for mastering new vocabulary designs and turns of speech.

At any convenient time, you can keep in touch with nice people and learn English by communicating with its native speakers. At first, it can be somewhat uncomfortable and scary because of the language barrier, but over time it will pass. In a couple of months, you will have many friends from different countries and cultures. Perhaps one of them will become special.


Music lovers and those who are easiest to perceive information by ear, this training option is definitely suitable. It is interesting that learning English on your own in this way is useful for any level of knowledge of the language: from elementary to advanced. Firstly, the musical compositions of your favorite artists make it possible to remember the words and the meaning of the work in an unusual and boring way, and secondly, they introduce you to the foreign culture and slang vocabulary of the musician.

learning English on your own. 

In addition, there are a lot of resources that are specifically focused on this type of learning English. I recommend a look at the Lyrics Training, ESOL Courses, and Amalgam sites.

Special Services and Applications. 

This is another effective way to learn English. Today, there are surprisingly many specialized sites and various mobile applications, so you can find the service that is best for you. I advise you to choose several at once, because basically each of them is focused on studying one thing: for example, grammar or vocabulary.

Useful apps for iOS and Android: Voxy, Words, Easy Ten, Rosetta Stone, Memrise.

Books and Media. 

Can't imagine your life without reading and news? Then you should pay attention to this technique. You can buy a book or magazine in any convenient format: both paper and electronic. This option to learn English is perfect for those who have a wonderful perception of the flow of information visually. With the help of literature, the occupier read more