Rapid weight loss If you want to get a flat stomach, but you can’t devote much time to twisting - it doesn’t matter. A simple vacuum exercise will achieve this effect. Below we tell you how to make a vacuum.#flatstomach

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Even if you do 300 twists a day, this does not guarantee that the fat on your stomach will go away. The abdominal muscles will be in good shape, but the twists themselves do not burn fat. But abdominal vacuum exercise is another matter. It is quite simple, but it helps to quickly and effectively get rid of fat from the lower abdomen, remove the hated "roller" under the navel, narrow the waist, strengthen the transverse muscle and tighten the skin.

What is the essence of the vacuum?

Slim stomach

The width of the waist is not a genetically unchanged fact, and in fact it can be significantly reduced by making the vacuum a priority in daily activities. By training the transverse abdominal muscle, you can also prevent back pain by relieving stress on it and the lower back.

Anatomically the transverse abdominal muscle, which is involved in the vacuum exercise, performs the function of a skeleton belt and passes through the stomach from left to right. It holds the entire peritoneum and internal organs. In untrained people, it is weak and stretched, so often the stomach hangs, even in very thin people. The transverse abdominal muscle is located under the oblique and rectus abdominis, being the deepest muscle. It does not work to bring the bones of the skeleton closer, and its only function in tension is to increase intra-abdominal pressure and maintain the spine. Therefore, the transverse muscle is so important to train. Bonus - you get a flat stomach.

stomach vacuum.

This simple exercise is very effective. The essence of the vacuum exercise is to give the transverse abdominal muscle elasticity. It is this exercise and nothing else that causes the transverse muscle to contract so much. After a couple of weeks of regular performance, you can notice the first results: the stomach will tighten and due to this, the waist volume will decrease.

The use of stomach vacuum

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In addition to the obvious benefits for a slim waist and toned skin, this exercise is beneficial for the body. During the vacuum, a gentle massage of the internal organs occurs due to the increased blood flow, which helps to remove harmful substances from the body.

Thanks to the vacuum, there is a general improvement of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs. Exercise improves blood flow, removes various congestion in the vessels, brings the muscles to tone and forms a corset. These practices also stimulate digestion and promote proper bowel function. And, no less pleasant, they strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, forming a beautiful waist.

How to make a stomach vacuum?

Vacuum Belly

Important: vacuum exercise should be done only on an empty stomach, preferably after morning exercises. Previously, you can’t even drink water - it should be empty in the stomach, only this way the exercise will be effective.

Abdominal Vacuum Technique

Take a deep breath through your nose, take a breath of air with your mouth, and then forcefully “push” all the air through your mouth with the loud sound “PFFFFFF!”. Press your chin to your chest after exhaling, hold your breath in a deep breath. Put your hands on your knees, twist your tailbone forward, as with the bar, and pull in your stomach.

If everything is done correctly, the stomach itself should be pulled by a vacuum under the ribs, regardless of how voluminous it is. The retraction should be not only under the ribs, but also along the entire length of the back. When the stomach "sticks" to the back wall, you should feel the tension of the transverse muscle.

After a pause, raise your chin, relax your stomach and only after that you can exhale, but not with force, but slowly. Then take the same calm breath. Repeat 5 times.

When you stop feeling the tension of the muscles during the vacuum exercise, even when done correctly, you need to complicate the workout.

Do whipping repetitions with the expulsion of the abdomen while it is pulled inward. Do 5 reps with and without pushing.

Many also wonder how many times to make a vacuum. Beginners are recommended to start with 5 repetitions of 7-10 seconds, and then each time you can increase the number and time of approaches and reach, for example, 20 approaches for 12-15 seconds. The main thing is that during the exercise you are comfortable and not hurt.
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