Tattoo | Top secret tattoos of beautiful actresses and actors.

Top secret tattoos of beautiful actresses and actors Actors spend a lot of time filming. During this time, they manage to imbue the story that they are telling the viewer, grow together with their character and make friends with colleagues on the set. Often they leave tattoo reminders of such a small life.

Together with Viasat History, we made a list of the most interesting tattoos made by actors in memory of filming in films and TV shows!

Macy Williams
Many years of work on the most popular series in history simply had to leave a deep mark in the lives of the actors who played the main roles in the project. At once, several performers decorated their bodies with lovely reminders of the Game of Thrones. The actress Macy Williams, who was remembered by the fans for the role of Arya Stark, was very close to her on-screen sister Sophie Turner during the filming. After filming the sixth season of the television project, both girls went to the tattoo parlor and stuffed the date “07.08.09” on their inner side of the forearm. It was on this day that they both learned that they had received a role in the series.

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secret tattoos of beautiful actresses

Macy Williams and Sophie Turner

Sophie turner
In addition to a pair of tattoos with her friend Macy Williams, Sophie Turner filled herself another drawing, reminiscent of a project on the books of George Martin. Her hand was adorned with an image of the head of a lutewolf, a symbol of the Starks house, as well as the inscription "the flock will survive." The inscription is a reference to the famous phrase from the book “Game of Thrones”: “When snow falls and white winds blow, a lone wolf dies, but the pack lives.”

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secret tattoos of beautiful actresses

In addition, playing the role of another cult heroine, Jean Gray in the Marvel movie "Dark Phoenix", she decorated the index finger on one of her hands with a small image of a flame, which is an obvious reference to superheroine.

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    secret tattoos of beautiful actresses
Emilia Clark
Another star of the Game of Thrones, Emilia Clark, did not stay away from tattoo trends. In between filming, the performer of the role, Daenerys Targaryen went to a tattoo parlor, and now three dragons flaunt on her wrist - that’s how much the storyline had for the “brown-headed”. The actress posted a photo of the tattoo on her Instagram with the caption "Mom never forgets her children."

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secret tattoos of beautiful actresses

The popularity that fell on Emilia after filming in "Game of Thrones", brought her many attractive offers from Hollywood movie makers. One of the most famous works of the actress outside the series was shooting in the melodrama "See You." In order to never forget about the touching project, the actress filled a tattoo with a fly image on her index finger, about the same with her heroine Louise Clark.
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secret tattoos of beautiful actresses

Actors of The Lord of the Rings
The heroes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy united in the so-called “Brotherhood of the Ring”, and it was this atmosphere of brotherhood that arose between the actors on the set. In order to never forget about those happy times and the project that many of them brought worldwide fame, they all got the same tattoo: the number 10, written in the Elven language. Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Sean Bean and Dominic Monaghan have such a picture.

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secret tattoos of beautiful actresses

Actors "Avengers"

Following the example of the brotherhood, another super-popular movie team. The five main actors of the Marvelian Avengers franchise made a tattoo with a significant symbol, including many hidden characters, referring to members of the superhero group. In total, six such tattoos were made: Chris Evans (Captain America), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hamsworth (Thor) and the famous tauirovshchik Josh Lord, who tattooed the actors themselves, in turn.

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secret tattoos of beautiful actresses

Tom Holland
Another hero of the Marvelian cinema universe Tom Holland filled himself with a spider tattoo, symbolizing Spiderman, whose role went to the actor. True, he chose a very original place - the inside of the foot.
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