How to avoid coronavirus What is the remedy

corona Friends coronavirus when you go inside, suppose you have had coronavirus viruses on whatever metal you have touched and they have entered your body by looking at your hands. Friends Coronavirus eating something in your body by your self or by your infected hands. Enters the body from friends coronavirus lasts 3 days in your throat coronavirus increases the amount of Mucus in your throat and starts to become active there and rapidly, causing the respiratory tract in your throat to get jammed, causing you not to take a vas and breathe. You are suffering and you are immediately given a ventilator, friends if you have been infected.

corona you have to defend yourself whenever you come from outside, you can sanitize your hands well and you must add salt in warm water and gargle { Mucus } so that the coronavirus that you have is going to do. Will not be able to reach the lungs and save your life, I request you to give hot water to all your family members, drink hot tea and come home and you use vitamin C fruits to avoid eating cold ice cream do not eat cold water you do not drink ac temperature Keep dropping more you should keep in mind you should not have sore cuffs. corona One more thing you have to do is set the point in mind that whatever Thing I am touching is suffering from coronavirus if you make this thinking, you will be able to avoid this virus you can all protect yourself from the coronavirus there is no cure.

corona The administration MINISTRY of AYUSH, which advances elective treatment practices and meds, has said that they have never asserted that crown infection covid 19 in homeopathy. "Fix" " is.

corona By and by, in India, messages are continually spreading through the Internet asserting that elective medications are powerful for managing crown infections.

How to Use Covid 19 - Coronavirus Symptoms And Remedy to Covid 19

corona Service of AYUSH, Government of India (Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) advances customary and elective drugs.

corona The Ministry of AYUSH gave an official statement on January 29 this year expressing that there are meds in homeopathy to treat the manifestations of crown infection.

corona The ministry's press release issued on January 29 was titled 0 "Homeopathy, Unani medicine useful in preventing symptoms of coronavirus infection0 ".

corona It advised that it is important to take special care of cleanliness to avoid coronavirus. It was also advised to take homeopathy's Arsenicum album 30 medicine stock to avoid infection.

corona The principle of homeopathic says that if something of food with excessive water reaches the stomach of a person, it is  "Memory0 The disease of the body can start the immune process. According to the 30C solution that the Ministry of AYUSH had talked about, arsenic molecules will usually become zero when they reach the stomach.

corona Arsenic trioxide gets Arsenicum when it is more diluted. Homeopathy uses it to treat many symptoms.

corona Since Arsenicum is found after a 30C solution, it does not contain any real arsenic molecule and is considered safe but ineffective by the mainstream.

corona After the ministry's press release was criticized, AYUSH Minister Shripad Naik said last week that the communique was only "not" "The name of the drugs that can increase the immune immunity of the body. It has never been claimed that it could eliminate the virus of coronavirus. "

corona The ministry says 0 "General Reference0 A communique was issued as an advisory and was not about treating the disease.

corona Later on February 4, another press release was issued on behalf of the Government stating that 0 "There have been some reports in the media and medical organizations that impair the image of the Ministry of AYUSH and spread distrust among the people against these medical practices.0 "

corona It said that 0 "The advice issued by the ministry neither claims effective treatment of coronavirus nor suggests any special medicine to fight coronavirus.0 "

  But the late explanation was criticized by the Hindu newspaper. The newspaper said the press release issued earlier was 0 "There was a lot of irresponsible responsibility0 ".

corona The newspaper said 0 "Taking the drug by themselves to treating yourself means that no one will be able to know about the infected person and the chances of the virus spreading from one person to others will increase.0 "

corona Viral messages coming on WhatsApp
But despite this explanation, people are sharing half the unfinished information from the press release on Indian social media in large numbers.

Many people on WhatsApp are sharing these messages with the suggestion that alternative drugs can treat coronavirus Covid 19.

corona In view of these viral messages, Indian fact-finding website BOOM said this week that they were n "No scientific research has been found so far in support of this theory that these homeopathy tablets can help prevent the spread of coronavirus Covid 19.0 "

corona The Logical Indian has revealed the messages going viral on social media. He found that social media users had misunderstood the ministry's message.

corona The website said 0 "Arsenicum Album 30 has never been tested to reduce or prevent coronavirus infection and has been proven to be in any investigation.0 "

corona Other than that, there were reports in the Indian media that there has been a rise in the demand for homeopathic treatment of diseases recently.

corona According to a report published in the Indian Express newspaper, 11,500 doses of homeopathy were distributed to 3,500 people in the southern Telangana state of India.

corona Speaking to the News Minutes website during a program of drug delivery, a medical official said. "These tablets are not just for coronaviruses but for all kinds of influenza. The strength of one virus is different from the other virus and the drug is not for treatment but only for prevention.0 "

corona However, with no clear knowledge about coronavirus or its treatment and lack of awareness among people, many people were prepared to take homeopathic medicines to treat it.

corona One person told the News Minute reporter0 "There are many misconceptions about the Korona virus. I think we'd be better if we're fully prepared. Anyway, people are saying that there are no side effects of this.0 "

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Why is there a need for the Ministry of AYUSH?

corona Ministry of AYUSH works and monitors Indian traditional treatment practices and medicines. Many of these methods are based on spiritual faith.

corona However, homeopathy is a special style of treatment that emerged from Europe at the end of the 18th century and later popularized in India.

corona The ministry has been criticized for promoting misscience. It has also been criticized for promoting Hindu nationalist politics.

corona India is a secular country, but according to a report published in The Washington Post in 2019, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government has adopted and promoted traditional systems of medicine in a drive to preserve India's old history.

corona However, a 2017 Government of India study has revealed that 93% of the country's share of science-based systems of medicine is adopted.

corona Virus Covid 19 has neither been treated so far nor has any vaccine been made to deal with it so far. People are turning to alternative medicines for relief, but that does not mean that homeopathy is the cure for coronavirus.

coronaBut large-scale false news about the treatment of the Coronavirus is being shared on social media, not only in India but also in the UK, USA, Ghana and many more.via

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