PK -An alien (Aamir Khan) comes to earth without anything, he does not even have clothes except his locket, which is his remote, and he can go back to his planet by calling the spacecraft, but within a while, the alien, Aamir Khan, is robbed of the locket. He tries to get him back but fails. He has come to a earth that is completely different from his house. Here he gradually understands the meaning of money and clothing.

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Once, when he is walking for his life, Bhairo Singh (Sanjay Dutt) is fighting the car. He feels that the memory of this alien has gone and he is not able to identify anyone. He takes the alien with him and helps him to explain the customs of the Earth. He does not understand any language on earth and tries to take his language inside the woman's hands. Bhairon feels that the alien is more affected towards women, so he takes him to the nightclub where he was now free to hold hands. After a 6-hour transfer, she learns her language from a girl named Fuljharia (Reema Debanth).

After being able to talk, PK tells his friend Bhairon that someone has stolen his locket. So Bhairon tells him that for fear of being caught, the thief will not be here, and the thief may have gone to Delhi. So PK goes to Delhi and tries to find his lacate there where he gets to hear only the lines from everywhere that only God can help you. Now he decides to find God and at the end of the whole process he is confused about which religion to find god.

In the meantime, everyone understood that he had drunk, and that is why his name becomes PK.

One day, TV reporter Jagatjanani (Anusha Sharma), who also calls jaggu, gets surprised when he sees PK sharing a poster called ' Missing Gadw '. She follows him, and it lasts until he protects him from killing him because he steals money from the temple. He inquires about everything and broadcasts it on his channel. Jaggu helps PK to get his locket so that he can go back to his planet. His locket is with ascetic Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla).  Jaggu and PK decide that with the help of a play, he will try to get a locket and he claims that the ascetic Maharaj was actually getting the wrong number, not of God.

In the meantime, PK loves Jaggu, but later he realizes that Jaggu loved Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput) and wanted to marry him, but because of a misunderstanding he abandoned the idea. On the other hand, Bhairo Singh grabs the thief and reaches Delhi, but both die in a bomb blast there. Jaggu's news channel has a TV. During the show, PK and ascetic Maharaj clash. With the help of Jaggu's boss, he proves that Sarfaraz was not wrong, in return for which he gets his locket.

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